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Five Best North Shore Oahu, Hawaii Beaches

Best North Shore Oahu, Hawaii Beaches

The North Shore of Oahu is home to some of the most beautiful and laid back beaches in the world. If you’re heading to Hawaii, you’re in luck because we spent four days driving and exploring all over the North Shore to bring you what I think are the Best North Shore Oahu, Hawaii beaches!

Laniakea Beach (turtle beach)

Laniakea beach

Laniakea Beach is home to hundreds of sea turtles and is one of the cutest little beaches I have ever laid my eyes on. The best part is, you can snorkel with the sea turtles! (But you should stay back 10ft from them tho.) Bring goggles! Swim with a sea turtle then spend the rest of the day lounging on the beach. A sea turtle may even come up and chill next to you!

Turtle Bay

drone photo turtle beachturtle bay resort beach

The beginning of the “Seven Mile Miracle” where world-class surf begins, The Turtle Bay Resort is the perfect home base when staying on the North Shore. There is no shortage of amenities when staying here.  Also, sunrise and sunset at this beach are straight magical!

Kaʻaʻawa beach


One of the many filming locations of the show Lost. (Have I mentioned it’s my favorite show EVER and one of the reasons why we went to Hawaii in the first place?) Anyways, Kaʻaʻawa Beach has beautiful cliff-side views and was a lot quieter than most of the other beaches we visited.

Sunset Beach (pipeline)

A surfers dream. The Banzai pipeline is notably the most popular reef break in the world. It is incredibly dangerous and you should not attempt to surf this break unless you are a skilled surfer. We decided to post up here with some White Claws for sunset and watch the surfers shred.

Travel Tip: There is a food truck market right across the road from Sunset Beach and they have great places to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Lanikai Beach

girl in water at Lanikai beach

Ok, this beach is technically not on the North Shore but I had to add this gem to the list. The pictures speak for themselves. The rich aqua blue water makes it super easy for snorkeling. This beach is quite small and you should check the tides before coming here.

Well, there you have it! Mahalo for reading my Top Five Best North Shore Oahu, Hawaii beaches. If you’re looking for more Oahu guides head here for my Top Photography Spots in Oahu.

I hope this makes your trip to Hawaii all the more enjoyable! If you need packing help make sure to check out my The Ultimate Hawaii packing guide.

Aloha friends!


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