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Italy Packing Guide

Italy Packing Guide

Welcome to my Italy Packing Guide! If you’re like me you love to travel but hate the thought of packing. Well, I’ve come up with a list to ease your mind and help you pack for Italy!

The best thing to remember is efficiency. You want to make sure you will be getting used out of everything you pack and learn how to mix and match items to ultimately bring less baggage. Along with that, you should always pack clothes you feel comfortable in. The main reason being you don’t want to walk around for hours in something that doesn’t fit right, no matter how chic it is!

Italy is known for it’s well crafted and tailored clothing. It’s always best to try and blend in with the locals so you don’t look like such a tourist. Try not to pack too many jeans if you could. Opt for a nice pant and say no to white dad sneakers. Even if they are in style right now!

Always remember to pack with a color scheme. It’s good to set that upfront so when you feel as though you don’t have anything to wear you can mix and match your outfits if they all fit the color scheme. I always tend to choose a neutral palette since it’s easier.

Pro tip: I always pack with these packing cubes. They’re super helpful when trying to arrange your piles inside your luggage.


First things first, check the forecast for the week ahead so you can be covered on all bases. When you ready to start pulling items have an area designated for piles so you can clearly see what you’ve already pulled. I’ve left the basics such as underwear and socks out of this because if you don’t pack that on your own then that’s on you boo. After that, you are ready to start putting together your packing list!

Spring Clothing


It’s still a bit chilly in Italy from April-June so keep that in mind when packing!

  • A solid leather jacket
  • A faux fur coat
  • Light rain jacket
  • 2 pairs of good skinny pants/jeans
  • Wide-legged pants
    • pair with a tee and leather jacket for dinner
  • 2-3 sweaters
    • I recommend a long cardigan, turtleneck, and pullover
      • PRO TIP: Wear your heavy clothes on the plane for more room in your luggage
  • 2-3 long sleeve basics
  • A good tunic
  • 1-2 t-shirts/tanks
  • A fun blouse
  • 2 dresses
  • A pair of faux leather leggings to wear with said dresses

Spring Shoes + Accessories

  • A stylish pair of sneakers
    • Vince, Vans, and Golden Goose are great comfortable yet stylish brands
  • Ankle booties
    • 1 pair flat one pair heeled
  • Leather mules
  • Basic leather pump
    • my favorite of all time is this one a little bit of a splurge but way worth it and so comfy
  • Crossbody bag
    • drape in front of you for extra safety
  • Large tote
    • best for travel days and fitting that extra “souvenir” on the way home
  • A beanie
  • A knit scarf
    • pair with a leather jacket for a sightseeing day
  • Newspaper boy hat

Summer Clothing


Keep things light and airy in the day time since the sun can be strong in summer. Remember to always bring a light jacket out at night because of the temperature. It usually drops during the evening hours.

  • Two good pairs of culotte pants
    • perfect for daytime and can dress it up with heels at night
  • Maxi Skirt
    • perfect for those breezy summer days or could dress up at night with chunky heels
  • Miniskirt
    • for those daytime walks to keep cool
  • 3-4 t-shirts/tanks
    • bring a printed one and a couple of solid ones to mix and match easily
  • A button down blouse
    • can be worn with a mini skirt for an updated dinner look
  • A ruffle blouse
  • Denim jacket for those chilly nights
  • Maxi Dress
    • for an easy put-together look
  • 2-3 sundresses
    • to keep cool during the day when sightseeing
  • 2-3 bathing suits
    • don’t forget a 1 piece they’re so on-trend right now
  • Cropped leggings for travel days and any hiking excursions

Summer Shoes + Accessories


  • A stylish pair of sneakers
  • Leather ballet flats
  • Slide sandals for the pool/beach
  • High heeled sandals keep it chunky heel for those cobblestone streets
  • Neutral light scarf
  • Crossbody bag (drape in the front of you for extra safety)
  • Large tote
  • Wide brim hat for those sunny summer days


These items came in handy during traveling abroad.  Always remember when packing liquids a good tip is to unscrew the top, place a plastic bag across the opening, then re-screw the top so you don’t have any spillage.

  • Sunscreen
  • Tissues
  • Advil
  • Bandaids
  • Electric adapter
  • Ziplock bags
  • Phone charger
  • Cash money honey

I hope you are able to utilize this Italy Packing Guide for your trip. And if you’re going soon have an Aperol spritz for me! K thanks! Head here for more of my packing guides!



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