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15 Travel Essentials: To Pack For Your Next Trip

15 Travel Essentials: To Pack For Your Next Trip

Overpacking is a problem many people deal with when packing for a trip. It can be overwhelming to narrow down the necessities. Being the avid traveler that I am, I have perfected my travel bag with items that will make your life much easier when traveling. Below you’ll find my “15 Travel Essentials To Pack For Your Next Trip” so you can be well equipped to hop on that flight!

Hard Shell Carry-On Suitcase

Calpak Carry-on $165

Packing using a hard shell suitcase is a game-changer when it comes to traveling. Not only will your items be safe, but when using carry-on luggage you’ll never have to worry if you’re luggage will make it or not (we’ve all been there).

I love this carry-on from Calpak, they are my go-to for most of my travel accessories.

Travel Tote

Beis Travel Tote $128

For all those items that don’t fit in your suitcase, a travel tote is a great addition to your packing list! I love this one from BEIS because it has an insert that fits on your suitcase handle so it’s one less bag you have to carry (your shoulders will thank you)!

A great tip to remember is not to pack out the tote. The reason being, you’ll never know what you’ll pick up on the road bring. Leaving space ensures that you won’t be over the luggage weight when you come home.

Packing Cubes

Beis Packing Cube Set $68

If you have never packed with packing cubes before, I urge you to try (and then thank me later). When packing, using packing cubes not only help with organization, but you can simply transport the cubes from your suitcase to a dresser with much ease.


Shop the less expensive version here!

Travel Containers

Amazon Liquid Travel Size $10

Who wants to lug full-size beauty products on a trip? Not me! When purchasing travel containers you are lightening your beauty load and these containers that I swear by, come in a pack of 12 for only $10. Talk about a steal!

Clear Cosmetic Case

Beis Cosmetic Case $48

Having all of your cosmetics in one place is the only way to do it ladies. Who wants to scramble to find their moisturizer when you have a new destination to explore? Not me! By purchasing a clear cosmetic case you are saving time by digging through that pack!


For the less expensive one click here!

Portable Charger

Amazon Portable Charger $24

Nothing is worse than running out of phone battery while you’re in a foreign city. Do yourself a favor and purchase this portable battery charger so you never have to worry. My go-to comes in a pack of two so you never run out of juice.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones $299

These are my most used item when on a long flight. Who wants to hear babies crying or loud people in the midst of conversation? Do yourself a favor and get these Bose Noise Cancelling headphones so you can sit back and relax.


For a less expensive version, albeit similar qualities, click here!

Silicone Water Bottle

BKR Reusable Water Bottle $48

Don’t spend money on overpriced water bottles at the airport. Instead, bring your own reusable one. Every airport has fountains that are free. Make sure it’s empty before going through security!

Sleep Mask

Lunya Washable Sleep Mask $48

This Lunya Sleep Mask is perfect for overnight flights. Not only does it cancel out light, but it helps you get a more restful sleep with noise canceling as well. You’ll love the way this silk feels on your skin!

Cashmere Wrap

Nordstrom Cashmere Wrap $149

One of my most essential items when traveling is a cashmere wrap. It can serve many purposes on a flight. You can wear it as a scarf, roll it up to use it as a pillow, or simply wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket when the cabin gets chilly. It’s a little bit of a splurge but you’ll have it for years to come!

Travel Adapter

International Travel Adapter $30

If you have ever traveled abroad and was not able to use your curling iron, I feel for you! When traveling to other countries it’s always smart to bring a travel adapter so you can use your electronics with no issue. This one from Amazon has 4 international adapters for multiple countries.

Brixton Straw Hat

Brixton Joanna Hat $55

Packing a hat is essential for traveling to warm weather climates. If you want to lay by the pool and protect that precious face or just sightsee and stay nice and cool – make sure to pack a hat! The Brixton fedora is a great one, I own it in 3 colors!

Face Moisturizer

Tula 24-7 Moisture $52

Being on a plane for multiple hours can dry anyone out. Don’t arrive at your destination with dry skin! Instead, use this Tula moisturizer to keep your skin looking nice and refreshed.

Make sure to use my code “letravelstyle” for 15% off your order, you’re welcome!

Disinfectant Wipes + Hand Sanitizer

One word: Coronavirus. Let’s not forget 2020, the year that took the travel industry by storm. These are a MUST when traveling on an airplane and it’s best to wipe your entire seat, TV, window, and tray table with disinfectant wipes BEFORE sitting down.


Elta MD Sunscreen $36

Warm-weather or not, sunscreen is a necessity everyone needs to use on a daily basis. For a face sunscreen, I couldn’t recommend Elta MD more. It’s dermatologist recommended and ever since I started using it, I have never broken out.

For body sunscreen, I always love Sun Bum products and you can shop them here!

Well there you have it. If you pack these 15 travel essentials for your next trip, you will be more than prepared! Thanks for reading this post and for more of my travel tips and guides click here!



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